New Year’s Resolution habits

new-years-resolution-habitsI am not particularly against New Year’s Resolution but I have always adored people who were able to predict their behaviour/habits so far ahead.

One year is a year; 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours and 525600 minutes. …Approximately…anyway…

Now that Christmas is officially over and New Years Eve is coming up, all I can read online and hear in the radio and TV is ‘What is your New Years Resolution?’
I find it hilarious when reporters pester celebrities. Looking at their faces I am not sure how honest they can be with themselves and or with the audience. I bet it requires a hell of a lot of acting classes. …This is what I call proper entertainment…anyway…

So I put my thinking hat on and asked around my neighbourhood what my friends and family is up to. Here are the detail:

Most of them don’t make a NYR. They have given up on so many in past that they have decided not make any for the future. Some of them believes that sticking to a diet any time of the year is the same. I guest that’s kind of true in some aspects. Others just live life as it comes and don’t pretend to stick to certain predetermined goals. Intuition is key in their lives.

I asked myself and decided to keep it very low key. …Almost cliche I suppose… anyway….
Here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Worry less…
  2. Focus on the right things in life…
  3. Work for myself and not others…

…I think it is feasible and enough to focus on for now!…anyway…

I am dying to know what is your NYR. Do you have one?
Yes? Do you commit to some every year?
No? Have you made one before and it didn’t work out? Perhaps it’s something else.

I would love to read your story; feel free to comment and or inbox me.


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