Yello 2017

Placeholder ImageThe first day of 2017 was all sorts of crazy!


Starting the day munching on 12 grapes 🍇 while the Big Ben clock was ticking. Hoping that the Spanish superstition brings me some good luck for this year. I managed to get all 12 in my mouth 👄 but chewing took a but longer than that. Once I could open my mouth again I poured it down with some Da Luca Prosecco. 

Watched some TV 📺; mainly fireworks 💥 around the word, then headed to bed. All I could think about is that I need to sleep asap. I had the alarm set for 5 am. I gave a final look at my Twitter account (my second day on twitter, super excited for all sorts of action). I stumbled upon Chris Scott’s article about brand collaboration, which I found particularly helpful as a newbie blogger. It led me to another article from Siva about the social media trends in 2017.

Then I read 2-3 super long posts about bloggers’ new years resolution and their evaluation of 2016. I felt super inspired and suddenly it was 2 am and all I could think about was that I needed to be up in 3 hrs time. Finally I drifted to sleep when the alarm went off. What time is it? Have I slept 5 minutes? No… it’s time to waikie waikie! 

Quick breakfast, shower some make up to cover up my serious pillow face and off I went to work. It was a slow morning. ‘Happy New Year’ wishes were flying around the corridor with kisses and hugs. It was a mellow morning. Just what I needed with 3 more coffees. 

For lunch I had an amazing butternut squash soup 🍜 and I resisted eating bread. #proudself 

My afternoon mood was the highlight of the day. I felt super energised! Arranged a post NYE drinks with the girls. I felt like we need a proper sophisticated celebration on New Years Day. 

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a great first day. What did you do? 


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