Dear Erola – Week 1

week 1/52

Time flies in a blink of a second. I need to make sure that I do not daydream 2017 through. I would like to make the most of it and this is the reason I am writing you.

Here I am ready to count my blessings for the first time this year!

As you know I started this year working from the early hours; as many others around the world – I am sure. This was the first time that I had Christmas off and I worked New Year Eve and Day. It was such a relief not to plan anything for the biggest party night. In the past it always caused a head ache to figure out what to do New Years Eve to festively say goodbye to the previous year. This year was different. I worked until 11 pm NYE and back again 6:30 am.

Monday was no different to any other working days. I cruised through the day and went shopping after work. We made broccoli and stilton soup in the evening. According to the recipe I found on Pinterest. That evening we watch Jack Reacher: Never go back and had an early night. Had 12 hours sleep.

We woke up that we have an hour and a half to get ready to tee off. It was a sunny chilly day and we made it eventually. Played 16 holes due to daylight restriction. The trouble with long sleeps and short daylight that you need to compromise. 1-0 to sleep on this occasion. I played to my best and thoroughly enjoyed the round. I had a slight headache throughout but took a pill midway and rubbed some cold tiger balm on my forehead and temples and a few holes later I sad goodbye to the pain. After the round we hit the bar to count out scores. Had two glasses of wine and I felt more drunk than ever. Great company and fresh air was enough to dose off at 9 pm that night.

Wednesday we hit the real low. Let alone that we had not have hot water for 24 hours already, we have been also put off from IVF for another 6 month. Ready more about it here.

Thursday I was back to work and we made up with my partner. The power of apology is remarkable. It has a healing effect on the relationship. By admitting to your partner that you are not proud of your own behaviour is deliberating. It was mutual, just as I thought. Funny how two stubborn people will not give in and than once one decides otherwise the other will follow. Smoothie of the day was Greeny (as a colleague named it). You can read more about Grenny!

Friday we were at a much better place with P. He made me a lunch box for me for work. I am in ❤️! A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled – you are my first book in 2017! Ruby Wax is hilarious and I cannot wait to read it all.

Saturday: Oh, you were a tough day. Being back to early after two late shifts, meant only 4 hours sleep. These changes really get to me. I used to handle these swiftly, but it gets more and more difficult with age. I bravely shared my wardrobe with you. I have a belated Christmas party coming up on Friday and I really needed you help to decide what to wear. I am not ready to invest in a new piece when I have so many. I was really nervous to pose for getting the pictures done. I have never done anything like it before. As a newbie to blogging I wasn’t expecting any response to my shout out. But I was pleasantly surprised that bloggers from around the word actually took the time to respond to it. Thanks for boosting my confidence.

Sunday: You were a bit easier to handle. After an exciting week I was glad to meet up with friends and put the week behind with some drinks in the pub. I feel blessed to hang out with you cool people.

My blessings in summary:
  • I feel blessed to have such a loving P (partner); I love him to bits!
  • I feel blessed to be able to play golf at the coolest place on Earth!
  • I feel blessed to get response from other bloggers around the world!
  • I feel blessed to have friends to hang out with!

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