Late to Early

Darkness descends

The voices are getting more distant. My attention fades. I can still hear the question addressed to me but but my response hardly makes any sense anymore. Then suddenly it is stronger than me and I shift to a deep deep place. That’s it!

— I am out! —

How long not sure. But there is nothing that could wake me. It is deeper than a sleep I am in a much darker place. I am blacked out.

When I wake after a couple of hours, I feel drunk. I feel I have been partying to exhaustion and drank all sort of sweet poison to numb my senses.

But I haven’t. I sit and my head starts spinning I feel I am going to through up and I scream for food. I feel heavy and disoriented. The center of my gravity just popped out of my body and it is still somewhere on the sofa below me. It is pulling me back to that deep deep place for some more. But I resist until food arrives.
Than I am human again.

p.s.: it happened to me 3-4 times in the past couple of weeks
Does this sound any familiar to you? It never happened to me until recently. Let me know if it makes sense or not.


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