Dear Diary – Week 2

Oh Monday! I might have had a glass too much in the pub last night. I literally had to power through Monday,  just to drop dead in front of telly later. Hot water situation was still not resolved. We were rushing home to make sure the plumber could come in this time. While he was working I entertained kitty, otherwise he would have destroyed his bag and tools. It would have been 1-0 to kitty. Then the darkness descended and I passed out in front of the TV. I didn’t even wake when the door closed behind the plumber. Still no hot water.


Tuesday: I woke to a lonely morning. P was at work and it’s only kitty and me coddled up in bed. I was on evening work duties. Had a wonderful conversation at work. I finally found someone really special. Meaningful conversation always lights up my day/week.


Wednesday: Finally its weekend. You might think… what? You are half way through. Yes. Maybe you, but not me. I am officially out of office today. I had great time catching up with a friend. Had a dashing apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and green tea. We promised to see each other more often before waiving goodbyes. I went home and pretty much cleaned the whole house. Cause I still cannot afford a maid. I am working on it though. I hate cleaning, and dirt and dust, which is not a great combination.


Thursday was the day when I did absolutely nothing, apart from watching movies in PJs, eat in bed and not brush my hair. Proud? Not really but definitely relaxed and refreshed. I caught up with my weekly beauty sleep, which was long overdue. I know, I slept a lot on Monday, however there was nothing beautiful about that.


Working in the morning of the belated Christmas party was like walking into a hall full of anticipation. All the topics are about the party. Girls discussing outfit and make up tips and tricks. Lads are planning a pre-party party. ‘Cause what would be a party without a pre-party party?

Then the taxi arrives and we all hop in. That’s it! Hair, make-up, dress and hills are all in place. No more preparation, no more anticipation, just fun, fun, fun. Dinner, awards and dance all night.


What a party! Chef surprised us with a delicious menu. I won a night stay in a five star hotel and we danced all night with P. The band was amazing. The singers were having a dance off with us on the dance floor while singing. Truly we were very well looked after.


Next day, we had a lay in. I was on late duties, to ensure I have a chance to soak up the last nights alcohol with a nutritious breakfast. And so this was on the menu.


Grilled sweet potato with avocado and cherry tomato. Cheddar, gorgonzola, salami milano, sausage, cranberry/seed bread with poached egg. Three mint pukka tea.

Current favourite by far!


My bleedings in summary:

  • I feel blessed for the meaningful conversations I had this week.
  • I feel blessed to party and have so much fun with P.
  • I feel blessed to eat what I want.


I hope you had a great week! Don’t forget to count your blessings and share with me.


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