SOS! need more fun

Today I learn a great lesson from a friend. Nothing new, just a message that was said at the right time:

Time is the only thing we cannot reproduce!
You can only waste it or make the most out of it!

I chose the second. I am turning triple X in a couple of weeks. Instead of lethargy, I feel ecstatic. I cannot wait to start a new era. I would like to make the thirties the funnest years possible.

It all makes sense: Until now I was trying to behave more mature and show the word that I can achieve more at a young age. However I don’t have to show/prove anything as I have the age. Fun is what I definitely lack of and it has to change. Enough of the serious me, I shall open up and seek for new adventures.

In ten years time I would like to feel happy about all the fun things I will have done in these years.


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