Week 1 – Running Recap

Hello Friday!

Now that you are here it is time to recap this week’s fitness activities:

W01D1: Last Friday I ran around the East side of Virginia Water Lake. I generally follow the hidden path to the bushes then swing around towards Guards Polo Club. From there I take the lake on my right hand and jog back to the car park. It happened to be a 7.5 km in total, which is not bad for a first long run after so many weeks of excuses.

W01D2 Saturday was recovery day.

W01D3 Sunday we became parents to two gorgeous babies. Look at them, I am in love!


W01D4: Monday was busy day at work and I was on my feet all day long, which is visible on my step count ๐Ÿ™‚ I use the Health app on my iPhone, which is connected with Nike Run Club and my Vitality app.

W01D5: Tuesday was all about recovery and ROMWOD. I love ROMWOD. If you don’t know what I am talking about check out the link. I first heard about it from a super gorgeous and inspiring Lady calledย Carly Rowena. If you haven’t heard about her, you totally need to check out her website and ย her youtube channel.

W01D6: Wednesday was a weird day off. I was at work twice but I was off at the same time. I ran around the estate in the evening. It was 4.7 km in total. I was contemplating to run to the station and back just to make it a round 5k instead of 4.7 but I couldn’t be bothered. I was hungry and went home directly.

W01D7: Thursday is my ROMWOD day before another Friday longish run. Today is also my NAMEday, and look what I received in the afternoon:

Flowers from Parents


Less than 3 weeks left until the Richmond RUNFEST. The race packs are being dispatched next week, so that is something to look out for. I am getting nervous as I haven’t trained enough for this race. But I am confident that I can make it. Stick with me to find out.



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