SOS! need more fun

Today I learn a great lesson from a friend. Nothing new, just a message that was said at the right time:

Time is the only thing we cannot reproduce!
You can only waste it or make the most out of it!

I chose the second. I am turning triple X in a couple of weeks. Instead of lethargy, I feel ecstatic. I cannot wait to start a new era. I would like to make the thirties the funnest years possible.

It all makes sense: Until now I was trying to behave more mature and show the word that I can achieve more at a young age. However I don’t have to show/prove anything as I have the age. Fun is what I definitely lack of and it has to change. Enough of the serious me, I shall open up and seek for new adventures.

In ten years time I would like to feel happy about all the fun things I will have done in these years.


When the Penny Drops

Yesterday we got paid. But today is the day when most of the money goes out from our account. At least we know where we stand for the rest of the month. P doesn’t like to get involved. He leaves all the responsibilities for me. I on the other hand, got obsessed checking the account every few hours on these two days. Not that it makes any difference at all. In the afternoon, I check the balance and calculate how much direct debit left to pay until the end of the month. (Almost all direct debits are scheduled on the first day of the month, which helps us seeing the rest of the month clearly)

Then I check the credit card balance and then together we decide how much we shall sacrifice that month. Few months ago we got a letter from the bank with useful tips on how to pay of the credit cards quicker. One advice was to pay more than the minimum payment, to avoid additional interest fee and try not using it until the next statement. Therefore each month we try to pay as much as possible towards the credit card and stop using it until after the cut off day.

I bet there are many other useful tips. What advice would you give to a shopaholic couple?

Tea Time


New Year’s Resolution habits

new-years-resolution-habitsI am not particularly against New Year’s Resolution but I have always adored people who were able to predict their behaviour/habits so far ahead.

One year is a year; 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours and 525600 minutes. …Approximately…anyway…

Now that Christmas is officially over and New Years Eve is coming up, all I can read online and hear in the radio and TV is ‘What is your New Years Resolution?’
I find it hilarious when reporters pester celebrities. Looking at their faces I am not sure how honest they can be with themselves and or with the audience. I bet it requires a hell of a lot of acting classes. …This is what I call proper entertainment…anyway…

So I put my thinking hat on and asked around my neighbourhood what my friends and family is up to. Here are the detail:

Most of them don’t make a NYR. They have given up on so many in past that they have decided not make any for the future. Some of them believes that sticking to a diet any time of the year is the same. I guest that’s kind of true in some aspects. Others just live life as it comes and don’t pretend to stick to certain predetermined goals. Intuition is key in their lives.

I asked myself and decided to keep it very low key. …Almost cliche I suppose… anyway….
Here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Worry less…
  2. Focus on the right things in life…
  3. Work for myself and not others…

…I think it is feasible and enough to focus on for now!…anyway…

I am dying to know what is your NYR. Do you have one?
Yes? Do you commit to some every year?
No? Have you made one before and it didn’t work out? Perhaps it’s something else.

I would love to read your story; feel free to comment and or inbox me.