NYE from two perspectives

I am almost ready to hit the road and indulge myself in the most luxurious knight of the year. Where am I going? … To work!

I am going to be one of those who will welcome all of you glamorous humans tonight. While you might spend the whole day getting your nails, hair and make up done … I spend all my day making sure the place you going is immaculate and ready for your elegance.

The cat walk show starts when you show up. I will have the red carpet out with posts and ropes and some flames in the patio heaters. Then I just wait for you and when you finally arrive … All I need to do is give you a warm smile and offer you a glass of Champagne. From that point onwards my job is done and the entertainers take over.

I consider myself lucky that I finish just before midnight. There is a good chance I can clinkย the champagne flutes with my loved one.

I feel like giving a thumbs up for those working today. Especially on the night shift.

New Years Eve