Welcome to Erola. This is my personal lifestyle diary and  safe place where I can be myself and pour my heart out on absolutely anything and everything at the same time.

Why did I named my diary? Sometimes it is easier to find my inner voice when talking to someone or something. My mind never rests, so it helps me focusing the voices in my head I suppose. Erola makes it also more real. 

So where shall I began? I am about to turn 30 and I feel pretty excited about it. Finally I don't have to pretend to be older for all the things I would like to achieve in business. In the next couple of weeks I will have the age to match the title. It sounds super smug, but I might have overstepped myself in the past few years. I survived but aged in it for sure. 

In the next 10 years I would like to focus on bringing the fun back into my personal life. I plan to achieve that by keeping fit and healthy. Running is my new passion, but I would like to do some home yoga. I am thinking to go back being paleo again as my mood was definitely lighter when I ate better. 

I have so many ideas and even more excuses. I hate excuses and I am a strong believer of the saying 'excuses are for losers'. I don't want to be a looser, I choose to be an achiever! But enough of the words, follow me if you feel me or comment if you don't. Either way I would love you to get in touch.