I haven’t done this before, I mean I haven’t given it a go to write daily posts, and I am not certain that I will keep up with its regularity. However something in today’s topic just stuck with me.


I feel I have elevated somebody today. I am very cautious how I phrase this. I don’t mean elevated sb’s mood. But I think I have contributed to something much bigger. I made someone feel good about themselves by giving constructive criticism. I could see it with my eyes that it made the person feel good and boosted their confidence.

It made me feel good. It is something that I should do much more. Eventually I may learn how to elevate myself as well. Practice is key. One day I may become inspirational 🙂


This week’s photo challenge is all about the structure. But what would a picture be without a context. Little ladybug has conquered my towel while on holiday. It took her about an hour to get from one end to another. I feel like it would take me the same time to get through a field of rough, wild flowers just to get to the next town.

Structure and a ladybug


By the way this is probably the only bug I don’t freak out of. No kidding!