Week 4 – running recap

WD4D1 – D4: Friday to Monday I reached my daily goal just by moving offices all day every day. The team came together and from early morning until late night did not stop for a second. It was all over competitions week, when you don’t sleep for days just work-work-work.

I definitely feel that I am getting older. In the past I used to be able to handle such days with humour and having energy. But this is not the case anymore. I feel like a zombie. I am there, but not there at the same time.


WD4D5 Finally on Tuesday I managed to squeeze in a 30 min run, which was a blast. I found a great route that is a mix of known, unknown and challenging with a rewarding finish.

Running path
Aim to improve

Fatigue is my demon at the moment. I feel an unprecedented tiredness after my training. I look unwell and I don’t feel any joy runners supposed to feel after training. My body is not aching, but I have no energy. I am not sure what to do. As I have been running for 5 years, I don’t think 30 min exercise would cause any harm. But I definitely feel stuck. I would like to run to keep fit, but I feel rather depressed and not wanting to do anything.

I am debating if I should cut back and maybe run only 15-20 minutes instead of half an hour. But my body is wanting more. If you have experienced anything like this, please tell me your story. It might help me to overcome this issue.

WD4D6 After all the debate and ranting the day before, I decided to go out for a quick 15 min jog. I did not have the car to go to the lake, so I just ran around the estate. First I planned to do one loop, which is about 15 min and then walk, however I couldn’t stop. I felt strong and carried on. Eventually I ran 35 minutes and faster than before. Clearly I don’t know my body very well.

Wentworth Estate
Running to be fit

WD4D7 Recovery day = Day Off

Lazy day with Ciccio

week 2 – running recap


This week was all about work. Unfortunately not physical one, which means I hadn’t managed to fit in any runs all week. It made me doubt myself if I should really pursue with my goal to run the Richmond Half Marathon. It didn’t help that I was on a nine days work marathon either.


WD3D1 – D6: I literally just slept, went to work, came home and slept again. I ate anything that was available in canteen (which was mainly carbs) and drank very little water. I felt awful by the end of the week.


WD3D7: Thursday – I managed to increase my step count, but it was way below the point I wanted to be by then (10 days before the HM). I knew I had to make the call, RUN or NOT to RUN.

Coincidentally the race day falls onto the same day when we move office… it was too much pressure. After a ‘quick’ reality check I had made a conscientious decision to pull out. My mental and physical health worth more than pushing my under trained body through 13.1 miles.

I called my racing body to give him a heads up. He was very understanding and we both decided to try to fit in a HM this year. Once work is more settled. After this conversation there’s just one thing left to do…. to forgive myself. Forgive myself to not train enough and the pull out of a commitment I had made 6 months ago when I signed up.


At least these bad boys are not jugging. I need to learn not to judge either.